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Modular design

Our garden room living spaces are based on a modular design system built from components built in our factory to your own requirements. This offers you the buyer endless possibilities to choose whatever type of activity that you would like to use your garden room living space for.

Garden room with pitched roof

Some of the uses commonly requested are home offices, a guest room, a home gymnasium, a music room or art studio, a home cinema room, a workshop or dressmaking room,a utility room or playroom for children, or a place just to relax for grown ups. Special features can be incorporated into the design as well, such as a sauna or a hot tub, or simply a cocktail bar and entertainment centre where you can socialise with friends.

Modular units allow you to add and expand your living space areas by combining two or more modular units for multiple uses. Through planning and design, it's simple to build any type of configuration using the modular concept of add on rooms.

You can choose between a flat roof and pitched roof and a selection of high quality internal and external finishes are available to make your garden room living space that extra bit special. A choice of wood, stone and metallic cladding in various colours and styles is among the options available.

Garden room bases

Unless you are planning a d.i.y. build, British Luxury Garden Rooms offer a complete installation service that includes our highly qualified tradesemen building a base for your garden room living space.

Having a strong concrete base is essential for most garden room projects. We're not talking about a simple wooden shed here. Our garden rooms are top quality structures using a heavy steel floor base and walls and flooring that are built to last.


Without lighting and mains electrics your ideal living space would be a dull place indeed. Having electricity in a garden room is an essential component of the completed build. As part of the package we will include a fixed quotation for all your electrical needs.

Not only can we install all the internal electrics you require in your garden room, including all types of lighting and electrical heating solutions, we can also install external lights around your external garden room walls or floodlights built into a paved or wood decking area around the building, with everything conforming to the latest regulations.


Whether you simply want a basin and tap or a fully equipped bathroom with toilet, bath and shower we can include any configuration of these features into your garden room design. And the same goes for kitchens as well. We can install your preferred choice of kitchen sink and taps and any plumbed in appliances you require. The fittings included will only be limited by the space available in the size of garden room living space you choose.

We can recommend a choice of high quality bathroom and kitchen units and appliances from selected manufacturers and install them ourselves using our highly experienced tradesmen. Just let us know what you desire and we will do our very best to fulfil your needs.

Internal and external finishes

There is a wide choice of finishes that we can provide to enhance the internal and external walls, flooring and ceiling in your garden room living space. A range of high quality wood finishes are among the most popular used to create a high quality finish.

Each wall is constructed with an insulated core to ensure maximum comfort throughout every season. Whether it's wood panelling, plasterboard, laminate or aluminium panels, the choice is yours. Externally, wood cladding, aluminium or render can be applied to ensure a perfect and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The steel based and wood sub floor can be covered in a choice of wood laminates, quality tiles or carpet to suit your preference. All of which can be specified by you during the planning phase.

A choice of doors and windows and the number required will also be incorporated into the design and build, whatever suits your budget. Bi-fold doors are a popular option and are ideal for letting in the most natural light. We can also fit the latest high quality lantern and skylights into the roof to maximise the light available, in the areas of the garden room you want them installed. Ultrasky Lantern and Ultrasky Skylight are two we recommend and are currently the best available in the UK.

All these options and more can be discussed during the planning stage when we meet and show you all the various options available.

Hard landscaping

Around the exterior a choice of hard landscaping is available and we can install all types of wood decking as well as all types of paving. Both or either options can be stipulated during the design, planning and visualisation stage.

Whichever size of garden room you choose we can help you decide how to make the best of your garden by advising how to place it in the best location to ensure that all plumbing, electrics and water supply can be connected without any problems.

No matter where your garden room living space is situated we guarantee it will look amazing once it is completed and finished with all the internal, external and hard landscaped features that will compliment your new build.