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Luxury garden rooms

Luxury garden room living spaces with custom styles and bespoke interiors

From design to installation

Whatever your dream garden living space you envisage, we can help you through the process of concept to design and build. Whether your new garden room is to be used as a place for leisure, hobbies or business, we can bring your dreams to reality.

If it's a home office you're looking for, no problem. We can create your perfect home gym, art studio, music studio or playroom for the children.

Planning your extra living space

Planning a garden room with extra living space can be an exciting part of the project. Garden rooms built in the UK don't normally require planning permission as long as they comply with the current rules of 'permitted development'.

A single storey structure must be no more than 2.4 metres in height. There are a few additional restrictions which are worth noting and these are outlined in our planning guidelines.

Your perfect getaway

No matter what your reasons are for having your own garden room living space, being able to relax and enjoy your own private area, whether for work or leisure, a separate garden room allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, even in your own home, and can help stimulate your senses and creativity that will improve your well being.

A separate living space can bring so much pleasure, you will never regret your decision to make it come true.

Sizes to suit your budget

Our garden room living spaces can be built with your budget in mind. From 15 square metres to 50 square metres and more. It all depends how much extra space you need.

Our largest sizes would be ideal for a guest house for example, to include such features as a bathroom, living room and kitchen plus plenty of storage space.

With our modular design, additional units can be added anytime in the future whenever the need for extra space arises.

For more details about our modular garden room designs see our Modular Design page.

Designed to fit right in

Our top of the range garden rooms will blend right in with even the largest most mature gardens. With a choice of external material cladding, you can be sure that we have something for all tastes.

Durable wood cladding such as oak, larch, western red cedar, sweet chesnut and other selected varieties are available and are a good choice for external cladding.

For more information about British Luxury Garden Rooms and the benefits of choosing our products and related services, please get in touch. You can call us anytime on the number below.


Custom style designs

British Luxury Garden Rooms Ltd provide a unique custom style design service with an amazing choice of external cladding in various materials and colours.

Our range of designs currently include a wide choice of size options for each of our classic designs which include the Richmond, Hampton, Ascot, Cumbrian, Belgravia, Mayfair, Chelsea, Snowdonia, and more.

Every design can be adapted with a choice of doors and windows to suit your preference. Each one is meticulously built to order with customer satisfaction in mind.

Built to order and built to last

British Luxury Garden Rooms offer you a choice like no other garden room manufacturer in the UK. If you have a specific design in mind we can also build to your own specifications.

Why accept anything less? With most garden rooms you have limited choice in the materials used to clad the external walls, and the interiors are generally standard fare.

Our company likes to imagine that anything is possible and do our best to deliver quality without compromise.


Luxury inside and out

Our policy is to bring you the very best and highest standard of garden room design and construction available, with luxury interiors to suit.

If you have a vision of what your own garden room should look like, inside and out, then contact us first and we will provide you with a step by step plan on how we can help you achieve your own vision.

We can custom build garden rooms using a variety of construction methods so that most of what you can imagine is possible.

Available with flat or pitched roofs

Every garden room we supply is available with either a flat or pitched roof. Most garden rooms built in the UK usually come with flat roofs but we like to offer more choice, and with new materials available flat roofs are no longer considered as a poor alternative to a pitched roof.

No need to be concerned about drainage either. Although having a pitched roof is more efficient in this respect, our flat roofs are also cleverly designed to ensure rainwater is always effectively drained away to keep your garden room well protected from water ingress and from excessive weather conditions.

Pitched roofs do add to the final build cost however, but depending on your budget, we can often suggest and incorporate alternative cost saving options if you decide that a pitched roof is your preferred choice, and still need to keep within your budget.

Made in the UK by British Luxury Garden Rooms Ltd

Have your own custom name plaque or emblem or logo attached to your garden room

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